Plastic Spoon Pumpkin DIY

You are maybe one of those who want to hold off Christmas decorations until after thanksgiving. Well, we can’t really blame you. There are a lot of us who looks forward t o this celebration. A time when family gathers and just be thankful for everything. Plus, the food! Urgh! Turkey, mashed potatoes, and pies! Yum! Also, there are a lot of DIY opportunities as well. Who can pass up on that? If you’re looking for a pretty centerpiece, here’s an easy craft that you can try.

Plastic Spoon Pumpkin DIY

Full Instructions at Club Chica Circle.

I don’t know about you but that pumpkin would make a good conversation starter. And you don’t need a lot of materials for it. Just orange plastic spoons and a styrofoam ball. So easy t make! Give it a try and have fun crafting! And advance happy Thanksgiving.

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