Ghost Tea Lights Halloween Decor Idea

Halloween is not just about making a big impression. It’s also about the small details, either for your haunted house or when you are throwing a Halloween party. You can start your preparations now to avoid cramming later. Or maybe you are just excited already to put up your Halloween decor. WE found the right craft that you can look forward to create. It’s so easy to do for sure the kids would have fun making them.

Ghost Tea Lights Halloween Decor Idea

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Air-dry clay is just so easy to work with. And imagine all the craft projects you can do with it. This Halloween craft idea is just like baking your cookies. You will need rolling pin and cookie cutter. The final trick is using tea lights to make them glow. What adorable little ghosts! Have fun crafting!

Crayola Air Dry Clay 2.5 Lb Bucket

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