Finger-Knitted Hoop Rug DIY

Let’s do another fun craft that you can do with the children. You can get those little hands busy with this finger-woven rug. We are so excited when we saw this and we bet your child would be proud when this is done. A craft that they made, the end result looks amazing, and it’s so easy to do, too.

Finger-Knitted Hoop Rug DIY

Instructions at Flax and Twine.

Gather the kiddos around this weekend and have some fun! You can use a hula hoop as a loom. You may have some leftover yarns from your previous craft projects or you can use T-shirt strips for the job. Hang it on your wall or use it as a rug on the floor or the table. Have fun crafting!

Darice Quilting Hoops

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