Easy Painted Christmas Ornaments

Halloween is over. You know what that means? It means welcoming that Christmas holidays ahead with open arms. You may still not over the previous celebration or you haven’t eaten all those candies yet but you can already feel the cold season is here. So is that Christmas spirit. You can already hear Christmas songs being played in the malls and your neighbors putting up Christmas decorations in their homes… So it’s totally okay if you start thinking about Christmas decorations as well. Let’s look for DIY craft that you can do to adorn your home for this festive season. These ornaments looks so fun to make and easy enough for the kids too.

Easy Painted Christmas Ornaments

Check out Twitchetts.

It might be a bit messy working with paints and glue, but we know it can turn out a fun bonding activity with the children. Ready your wooden ornaments and get ready to have some Christmas fun!

48-Pack Wood Discs - Wooden Christmas Ornaments, Wood Circles for DIY Xmas Decoration, Craft Ornaments, Brown - 2.8 x 0.08 x 3 Inches Each

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