Easy Citrus Candle DIY

When life gives you lemons, make citrus scented candle out of them. Now that it’s summer, you can expect more guests and outdoor party. When it’s your time to host, well, you can impress your visitors with your gorgeous candle display that smells and looks oh-so-stunning. Incorporate your citrus finds, maybe from your own garden, into your decor. This DIY can be done in so little time and with less mess too. Read more below.

Easy Citrus Candle DIY

Check it out at Hello Glow.

Really, one can’t go wrong with mason jars when it comes to decorating. And this homemade candle can be customized t whatever fruit or vegetable you can find in your kitchen or garden. It’s so fun to do and the result is just dramatic. Try making your own candles now. This candle-making kit is a good place to start.

CandleScience Soy Candle Making Kit

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