DIY Whimsical Yarn Display

Knitting and crocheting sure are a lot of fun! You know what’s even more fun for crafters? Colleting these colorful yarns of different varieties. Yeah, we know exactly the feeling. You just can’t help it, right? The next thing you know, you already have more than you can count and nowhere to put them. What you can do is organize your yarn collection. Here’s an idea that we surely love!

DIY Whimsical Yarn Display

Full Instructions at Ice Pandora.

We just love how easy accessible the yarns are when you hang them in a pegboard. It also creates a whimsical effect in your home. Hooking the felt up there sure is a fun way to prevent a yarn mess. Just be careful when you do your drilling or when you are using any tools for that matter. Have fun crafting!

WallPeg 43 Pc. Peg Board Storage System

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