Beautiful Summer Lavender Wreath

We’ve seen lots of wreaths before but this one is probably the prettiest and loveliest wreath we’ve seen. A wreath made of fresh lavenders.

You can indeed put a cheer on your front door, greeting you and your guests when you enter. The luxurious fragrant is also therapeutic as it makes you feel relaxed. That tranquility is what you need after a stressful day at work. It lasts for months and dry up well. And you can easily make this one. Check out this tutorial.

Beautiful Summer Lavender Wreath

Go to Country Hill Cottage.

Lavender flowers are abundant during summer. Get your wreath base. Straw or wire works too. Use wire cutter just to be safe. And top your beautiful wreath with a ribbon and make your home a little cozy and smelling lovely. Have fun crafting!

Wire Wreath Frame

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