Baby Shower Idea – DYI Decorative Pillow

I love going to baby showers. What I love more is throwing one for a friend or a relative. It’s an opportunity to get creative and be artsy-craftsy. You might be celebrating a baby shower soon and you’re looking for some ideas to decorate the venue. You can create a pillow to add more fun to the baby shower theme as a decoration or a favor.

Baby Shower Idea - DYI Decorative Pillow
Check out how to create this lovely pillow at Believe & Inspire.

If you don’t have the time to create it from scratch, you can buy throw pillows, think of a pattern, and just start decorating it. But maybe, you just started sewing and want to try your skill on it, this sewing book that has a complete guide might help you out.

The Sewing Book

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