Cheap Ways to Make Your Home Look Lavish

A vast majority of people don’t make the money they feel they should. Their cars aren’t as nice as they’d like. They’re not wearing the clothes they think they should be able to afford. Their home may not be their dream home. Well, not yet, anyway.

So they make do! With the help of tips, tricks, experimentation and a little bit of luck, homeowners everywhere make their homes look lavish for surprisingly little cash. Let’s dive right in.

Starting with the outdoors, let’s look specifically at the front door. There could be a variety of reasons you may not be in a position to paint your home, whether it’s to do with price, time invested, certain rules and regulations, or the weather. Any number of reasons could prevent a whole-house paint job.

Additionally, you may want to consider adding a nice kick plate to the front door. It’s a small detail, but all these little details can add up. A kick plate is typically in place to protect the bottom edge of a door from scuffing, kicks, and scratches. Though they do serve a practical function, they can certainly be decorative, too. Silver, brass, bronze or even black could add an extra element of style to your front door, so long as it matches the rest of your things. Lighting along the path leading up to your house can add a classy effect when night falls. Solar-powered lights are readily available at your favorite retailer. Place them evenly along both sides of a garden path or along the walkway to the front door, and you have attractive lighting for evening parties or guests.

Although a fresh-cut lawn ideally creates a clean, green look for your yard, a nice, raised-bed garden can also go a long way in terms of adding value. Creating a box to fit various available spaces in your yard is a fairly simple project. You can build them freehand or using a kit available at most quality hardware stores.

However, painting the front door a fresh standout color adds a real point of interest and elevates curb appeal for less than about $50 USD. Pick a color you know you’re going to love, but don’t overthink it. It doesn’t have to be anything too outlandish, but that extra accent can do wonders for you and your home.

Inside, you may be under the impression that having more furniture will make your home look more luxurious. This isn’t necessarily the case. There needs to be a balance. Too much on your walls and around your room could make your home look cluttered and small. Well-placed furniture, appliances and wall art without going overboard, however, keep your home open and allows the space to breathe. Open spaces make your home look bigger, and therefore more lavish.

In addition to clearing some unneeded furniture, mirrors are also a great way to make your space larger and more lavish. You don’t necessarily need a huge mirror to make this happen, but you can utilize a big statement mirror if that’s more to your liking.

A series of smaller, coordinated mirrors could work wonderfully. Strategically hang an artistic arrangement of assorted mirrors across from a light source or window can make the space seem bigger and it adds a bit of personalized art to the wall as well.

Reflective surfaces don’t just work well on the walls. Metallics in home decor brightens up a room and can add a luxurious effect. A shiny wall or desk clock, vases or appropriately-sized sculptures are perfect for a little glitz and glamor for your home.

Wooden flooring can be lovely on its own, but the thoughtful placement of rugs can add a touch of class and coziness to any room. Make sure the rug is proportionate to the space on the floor. If the rug you select is too small, for example, the space could look smaller, which isn’t the look you should be going for; it could have an unintentional cheapening effect.

Sprucing up your kitchen does not necessarily mean you have to tear everything out. The cabinets, for example, could just use some new hardware. Cabinet handles can be an inexpensive way to give your kitchen an extra little boost of beauty. Take a look at the room’s style. Do you prefer something colorful and flamboyant? Is your style more neutral and modern? Maybe something a bit more industrial is in the cards for you. Regardless, before you go shopping, it’s best to have a style-related plan. To make your job even easier, be sure to take stock of your current hardware. Note specifically how many you will need and identify where the screws go and how far apart they will need to be. This will save you time and money in using previously drilled holes and screws.

Pay close attention to your shelving. While practical, your shelves could have an artistic element to them, too. Well-coordinated shelves should work together within one room. They shouldn't be overly packed with keepsakes and books, but a few here and there doesn't hurt. Try different arrangements for books as well; a pyramid can create an interesting configuration, for example. Think artistically concerning your bookends, too; nice pottery could be used, for instance. If you don’t have many books for a particular room, framed art or sculptures may work well, too.

Decorating your home to make it look more luxurious does not have to break the bank. Sprucing up little details here and there throughout your home can add up to big results in the end. Whether you’re looking to add a bit of curb appeal to your home and yard, add more art to your pace or looking to give your kitchen a mini facelift, simple, practical steps and just a few dollars may be all you’ll need. The results of your work will go to show how far a well-invested dollar can go.

What little improvements have you made around your home? What is your next project?

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