No-Carve Pumpkin Fall Craft

As soon as September kicked in, one of the things we are already looking forward to is, what else, Halloween! Going to the farm and picking the perfect pumpkins, carving them, and putting them on display to scare the kids away. But since it’s not Halloween yet, you can still do your pumpkin art but with less “scary” factor. Take a look at this pumpkin craft that are just too cute.

No-Carve Pumpkin Fall Craft

Visit Simple as That.

Are you ready to dress up your pumpkin? It’s a fun fall craft for all. Ready your felt, cardstock, paints, and other supplies for this project. Have fun, you all.

Martha Stewart Crafts Pearl & Metallic Acrylic Craft Paint Set

Marbled Paper DIY

Mass-produced cards are convenient, so are text messages and email greeting cards. But nothing says special more than cards you made on your own. They are treasured by both the one who made it and the recipient. The amount of time and effort put into it should tell already how SPECIAL it is.

If you still prefer it the old-fashion way of card-giving here’s an fun paper crafts DIY that you can do that the kids would surely love.

Marbled Paper DIY

Go to Happy Hooligans for the details.

We love the marble effect the shaving cream and food coloring create. You can also make these papers as gift wrappers. This is a craft you can look forward doing over the weekend.

Want to learn more paper crafts? Check out this book. Have fun!

Paper Crafts

Paper Crafts Supplies

Crochet Pokeball Coaster

Pokemon Go is the rave! It is everywhere… The streets, the park, the mall. Thanks to this new game, everyone is talking about Pokemons and Pokemon related crafts again. If you are taking a break from screen time, most likely you ran out of battery power, but still can’t get the game out of your head, spent your time crocheting Pokeballs. It would be fun!

Crochet Pokeball Coaster

Pattern at Midwestern Moms.

Crocheting will give you something else to do when your phone is still charging. Or you can give them to someone else who is crazy about Pokemon Go. If you want more crochet pattern, check out this book. Take out your needles and yarns and start crocheting.

Crochet One-Skein Wonders

DIY Huge Lawn Dice

Encourage your children to have fun outside, enjoy more sun and do it the old fashion way. You can easily beat the summer boredom with this easy outdoor activity that is perfect for the entire family. Jumbo dice! Doesn’t that sounds like a lot of fun? This would be a sure hit if you are planning some outdoor party or just want to take a break from technology and have some traditional fun.

DIY Huge Lawn Dice

Check out My Frugal Adventures.

If you are feeling a little crafty, you can make your own dice from leftover lumber and paint them. Or you can these huge dice from your local store. If you are looking for fun outdoor activities to do, check out this book. Have fun!

Outdoor Science Lab for Kids