Easy-to-Make Emoji Candy Pops

The Emoji movie has just been released and maybe you’ve watched it with your family. You may or may not have liked it but you can’t deny that some of those emojis are too cute and, admit it, they make really good theme for a party. Now this craft we found is perfect when you are throwing one or even when you just want to have some fun activity to do with your kids.

Easy-to-Make Emoji Candy Pops

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These pops are too adorable! They are so easy to do too with just candy melts, piping bags, and of course, silicone lollipop mold. I can already imagine all the emojis that you create. It would definitely be sure hit for the kids, the process of making them and eating these emojis. Have fun crafting!

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Repurposed Box DIY

You may or may not be going to school anymore but it is fun to make back-to-school crafts when it’s back-to-school time. For sure you have some pens, notebook, and art craft supplies on your desk. In case you need help organizing you stuff, here is a cute craft idea that you can do. We love DIYs that are so easy to make and just look how colorful it is. It will look perfect on your work desk or your child’s study table.

Repurposed Box DIY

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Not only that you can do it easily, it is made from repurposed material so you don’t have to spend money. Grab your acrylic paints, paintbrush, cutting materials, and be as creative as you can. Have fun crafting!

Apple Barrel Acrylic Paint Set

Back to School Supplies – Pencil Case DIY

It’s back to school time! Make sure you have everything ready for your school boy or girl. It can be daunting to be thinking about all of the things that need to be done but when you know how to manage and make a list of it all, it will be easier. You can start with something small first…

You can help your child keep their pens and pencils tidy when they have something to put it all. We know that you have a ton of things to buy for them but this DIY pencil case will help you save money if you have some spare fabric from your previous craft.

Back to School Supplies - Pencil Case DIY

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Pencils and pens are all fun and colorful until they turn into a mess. We think this cute pencil case made from your spare fabric is the perfect craft to lessen your worries. You don’t have to buy new ones always. When you know how to craft, you will be saving a lot of money in the long run. And this craft is easy for beginners. If you want to learn more about sewing, get this book.

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Easy Crochet Sunglass Case

Okay, you guys. We hope you had an awesome Fourth of July celebration. Are you still feeling all red, white, and blue? Then channel your patriotic spirit into your crafts.

Now that summer is here, you will most likely spend your time outside, at the beach or anywhere under the sun. This also means that it’s time to take your sunglasses out. Here is one project that is perfect for this season… a crochet pouch for your sunglasses.

Easy Crochet Sunglass Case

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Oh just lovely, right? You can make this pouch for your phone as well, and so much more. Once you learn the basics of crocheting, there are really no stopping of what you can create. Get this crochet book for beginners for more easy-to-learn crochet patterns. So, get your needles and yarns out and get crafting.

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