No-Sew Superhero Halloween Costume

It’s Halloween and it’s probably one of the kids’ favorite holiday. Now I know some parents don’t make Halloween costumes for their kids because they don’t have time to make one or they don’t know how to sew at all. So they end up buying a finished one. But honestly, these costumes can be expensive. So, if you want to save and you have no talent for sewing, we found a new sew superhero costume that you can do. It’s so easy to do too.

No-Sew Superhero Halloween Costume

Get the full tutorial at Lia Griffith.

You won’t need a lot of materials for this craft. You can get a felt with your child’s favorite color and you can make this cool costume!

Red Felt

Soo Cute Decoden Frame – DIY

Have you made a decoden craft before? Decoden means putting 3D stuff on your phone in Japanese. But, it’s a cute kawaii style to decorate not only your phones but also your accessories, jewelries and just about any. It’s super cute craft that you can do to personalize and bling up your accessories!

Soo Cute Decoden Frame - DIY

Read the procedure at The Pink Samurai.

Ready to make something cute? You can start with getting this 100% silicone. And these cabochons are too too adorable I could and start decorating your accessories!

Assorted Cabochons

A Unique & Cute Non-Candy Halloween Treat

So, are the candies ready for trick or treaters this year? For sure you don’t want to be that house that will leave the kids disappointed for not having their treats. But you know what would be more fun? Aside from giving the children their candies, give them a non-candy Halloween treat as well.

A Unique Non-Candy Halloween Treat

Learn how to make it at Persia Lou.

They’ll surely be grateful and will talk about that house that gave them an awesome candies and a non-candy treat even after Halloween with these cute Oobi Eye Finger Puppets and start crafting.

Oobi Eye Finger Puppets

Halloween Craft – DIY Party Tassels

We think tassels are a versatile accessory that you can use for anything. Tassels are definitely a huge party trend. They make cute curtain ties, necklace, earrings, gift tie, bag accessory, and many more. Also, they are huge party decor trend. And you can use t his idea for your Halloween party!

Halloween Craft - DIY Party Tassels

Learn how to make it at Tried and True.

They’re super to make, right? Get your Oly Fun here and doll pin heads here. And don’t forget the cute twine as well.

So are you ready for Halloween? What preparations have you made so far?

Doll Pin Head