Mustache Craft for Movember

Movember. Have you heard of it? It came from the words “moustache”, and “November”. It’s an annual event to raise awareness and funds for men’s health issues, specifically prostate and testicular cancer initiatives. How can you help spread this awareness? Men needs to grow their mustache, not shaving it for the entire month of November. And since our ladies don’t have one, you can still help! Make one.

Mustache Craft for Movember
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You don’t need to grow a mustache so you can help. Grab a yarn and a hook and you can make this fun craft. Want to improve your crocheting skills? Enroll in an online class or read this book.

Mixed Aluminum Handle Crochet Hook

Online Crochet Class

Thanksgiving Craft – Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

Looking for some more craft projects that you can do for with your kids? Since it’s Thanksgiving soon, let’s make a craft that will remind us more of this yearly tradition. What more can be more festive than the turkey? Make a craft that you can use while you tell the kids a Thanksgiving story.

Thanksgiving Craft - Cupcake Liner Turkey Puppet

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We are mesmerized by this craft’s simplicity. We also love how it uses cupcake liners. So creative! Now we just need to find some papers and craft sticks. Let’s get started.

Fall Cupcake Liners

Make Your Own Playdough

Who doesn’t love playing play dough? Even as a kid, we love to mush and squeeze and make something out of these squishy stuff. Also, this material promotes learning and helps in developing all fine motor skills in children. When they compress and squeeze the dough, they are exercising the muscles of their hands. The child’s bilateral coordination skills are improved as well. It is better to make your own homemade play dough to make sure that is free from any harmful chemicals.

Make Your Own Playdough

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Let you children have more fun by doing your own dough. Involve them in the process of making so they’ll be even more eager to play with it when you’re finished. The ingredients are most likely found in your kitchen already like flour and cream of tartar. Let them experiment by letting them choose the color and let the fun begin.

Food Coloring

Easy Fall Craft for Kids – Watercolored Felt Leaves

What else can you do this fall but make some nice fall crafts. From corn cobs, to pumpkins, apples and scarecrows, and of course, leaf crafts. They are so easy to do and the kids will surely love it! Be inspired and get creative.

Easy Fall Craft for Kids - Watercolored Felt Leaves

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So what are you waiting for? Get all of your supplies, felt, and gather those twigs from your backyard. Take this time to enjoy making this craft with your kids. After all, any project creates wonderful memories with your kids.

Stick Stiff Felt