Magic Snow Sensory Play

Wishing for some snow? You might have some of them outside already but you can’t definitely bring them inside your home. Maybe you want some of these fluffy white stuff inside that you can play with. They are excellent sensory play that you can so with the children before Christmas. It’s time for some magic snow.

Magic Snow Sensory Play

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Are you looking forward to Christmas? Make it fun. Plan some activities that you can do while sitting by the fire while sipping a hot cocoa. And this magic snow would sure bring a lot of fun.

Be Amazing Insta-Snow Jar

DIY Planner Cover

I know, I know. We are in the digital age and we have our smartphones and tablets so we can take note, organize our stuff, or remind us of any meetings. But still, nothing beats the old pen and paper. Some of us still want an organizer writing down upcoming events and flipping through the pages. If you are that kind of person or you know someone who loves organizers, here’s a perfect gift that you can make and give them.

DIY Planner Cover

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Do you also prefer using planners? Maybe you know someone who does and would love this gift for Christmas. Get your hands on an old leather coat or purse and start crafting.

2015 Planner

Stunning Marbled Clay Accessory Dish

When we arrive home from work or from a good day out, one of the first things we do is to remove our accessories and toss it on top of the table or somewhere. Tendency is, we are too tired to think about where it afterwards. Next thing you know, the other pair of your earring or ring is missing. You know what would be nice? Make a special place to them so you won’t lose another piece again.

Stunning Marbled Clay Accessory Dish

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We are in love with this. The marble effect it creates using different oven bake clay colors is amazing. When you decide to make one, I know we will, make sure to use glaze and gold gilding for a more stunning finish.

Sculpey III Polymer Clay Color Sampler Multicolor

Thanksgiving Craft – Stand-up Handprint Turkey

It’s almost Thanksgiving! We are looking forward to that juicy and delicious turkey. Now while you wait for it to be cooked, along with other food on your table, you might want to make some crafts with your kids first. And what would be more fitting than a turkey craft. A stand-up handprint turkey craft.

Thanksgiving Craft - Stand-up Handprint Turkey

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I remember making turkey hand crafts as a kid and it’s super fun! We used paints and it can get really messy. If you want less of that, you can use papers instead, glue and some googly eyes. The finished craft will then be a nice conversation starter during your meal.

Acrylic Paint