DIY Easter Egg Cosy

All these Easter spirit, we found ourselves more and more into pastel, flowers, bunnies, and of course, eggs. And we can’t help it but look for egg-themed crafts. So, egg cozies it is. They are so easy to make too. They are an adorable way to keep your eggs warm and… cozy. 😀

DIY Easter Egg Cosy

Instructions at A Spoonful of Sugar.

They’re so cute, right? The children would surely enjoy this craft. Grab few materials like felt, eyes, and floral fabric, and have a fun time crafting with the kids.

Darice FLT-0498 Felties Sticky Stiff Felt Sheets

Adorable Baby Bunny Crochet Outfit

Are you looking for a new crochet project for your baby? Since Easter is approaching, let’s make something themed. If you are having an Easter Egg hunt party, then you should try making a special animal outfit… a cute little bunny rabbit.

Adorable Baby Bunny Crochet Outfit

Get full pattern at All ABout Ami.

It would be so cute. Are you still new to crocheting? Get this crochet book to learn about the basics. Or, you can learn through an online class.

Crochet One-Skein Wonders

Fine Motor Skill Activity – Card Sewing

If you have a little tot, you know how important it is to keep them active. Their mind and their body. You can let them do some activities to help them improve their thinking and motor skills. You can let them do card sewing to develop their hand-eye coordination and also concentration.

Fine Motor Skill Activity - Card Sewing

Read more at Patchwork Cactus.

This card sewing activity for your Pre-K/ Preschool children is helpful in working their fine motor skills. You can let them start with basic shapes. This can lead to more enhanced skills. And it would be a nice weekend bonding activity with your kids.

Lacing Shapes



Easter Egg Party – Ribbon Eggs

Are excited for the Easter Egg party? For sure the kids are looking forward to that too. Looking forward to the food, cookies, the games, and of course, the Easter egg hunting. It would be a lot of fun making and hiding those cute eggs. When you make a basket full of colorful eggs, let the kids help you out. This would make them really happy being a part of the process.

Easter Egg Party - Ribbon Eggs

Learn how at Design Improvised.

It’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of materials. The adhesive ribbons are your answer if you don’t want to make a whole lot of mess using paints and glitters. You’d still have a nice result.

Decorative Lace Tape Sticker Self Adhesive