Cute Unicorn Costume DIY

Okay, let’s talk about Halloween costume this time. If your daughter likes ponies and unicorns, this one is for you. We found one awesome DIY that is colorful, cute, and so easy to do. Because that’s what we’re all after, right?

Cute Unicorn Costume DIY

Visit A Girl and A Glue Gun.

We can’t believe how adorable this unicorn costume is! As much as it’s too cute, it not as hard craft to make as you think. Dig your daughter’s wardrobe and you probably already have tights and leotard. The colorful stuff is fake fur. That horn that we so love, it is just made of felt. And the trick to it all, hot glue! Go ahead and check out the site for detailed instructions. Have fun crafting!

Carters Baby Girl Little Unicorn Halloween Costume

Halloween Treat Bags DIY

There’s really no stopping it. Halloween crafts are everywhere. Halloween decor ideas, costume ideas, and snacks for your Halloween event or when you are throwing a party. You maybe have a plan already to decorate your home and have the perfect costume, but don’t forget about those little monsters who’ll come knocking at your door… the trick-or-treaters. Don’t forget to make their night extra special too. Don’t just give them a handful of candies. You can keep those treats secure in a goodie bag.

Halloween Treat Bags DIY

Instructions at Persia Lou.

Imagine the looks on those kids’ faces when you hand these paper bags with them. We just love the Halloween goodie bag design. It’s so festive. And this sticker paper is a good way to seal them up. This is a craft that you can start doing this weekend! Make sure to include the kids and enjoy a bonding moment. Have fun crafting!

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Autumn Craft – Pumpkin Golf

While there are those who still don’t want summer to end, there are those who can’t wait for autumn. Who can blame them? There are a lot of things to look forward to during fall. Some prefers colder weather and beautiful color of autumn leaves. Produce that are only available during fall season. There are also Halloween and, of course, pumpkins! Carving pumpkins to be displayed in your porch is one of most family’s traditions every year. If you are one of those who are like us who can’t wait for it, get started on pumpkin carving right now. Here’s one that you could try.

Autumn Craft - Pumpkin Golf

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It doesn’t have to be fall or Halloween for you to enjoy pumpkin carving. And playing golf with it is such a fun idea. After it, you can still reuse the pumpkin as a decor. Have fun crafting!

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Back-to-School Craft – Back Pack Makeover

Going back to school, we know how excited kids can be seeing their old classmates again and meeting new friends. Some kids want to stand out when they go back among the crowd. Maybe yours need convincing to make their new school year exciting. Here’s one way to do so. Make their plain back pack into something more!

Back-to-School Craft - Back Pack Makeover

Learn how at The Craft Blog.

These cute creations are the perfect back-to-school crafts. And we are already thinking that they would look good too during Halloween! There so much you can do with this idea using just felt and glue! It’s so silly and we are so loving it. Give it a try.

Have fun crafting!

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