Homemade Bubble Wand and Bubble Solution

Let your kids have more fun and activities outside. How? Bubbles! Everyone loves bubbles. Even those who are kids at heart. The bigger they are.. The better. Here’s a solution you make giant bubbles and bubble want at home. It’s super easy and will definitely make tons of fun!

Homemade Bubble Wand and Bubble Solution

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Making a homemade bubble solution is pretty simple. We can’t wait to try it. Get your dowels and strings to make your own wand for giant bubbles.

Gazillion 67.6 ounces Bubble Solution

Children’s Picnic Table Makeover

Children’s toys can really be expensive. If you find it difficult to buy a new one, you can look through garage sale or from a friend and give toys a little makeover. Just like this picnic table. See how some TLC can make it look new and fun!

Children's Picnic Table Makeover

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We love the polka dots and the colors of the spray paint that was used.

Valspar Brand 410-85089 SP 12 Oz Tropical Oasis Gloss Premium Enamel Spray Paint

Homemade Ice Cream Play Dough

Now that it’s summer, kids will want to have a lot of fun. Are you wondering how to keep them busy during hot summer days? Keep their fingers occupied by playing with play dough. You can make it edible so you won’t have to worry when they decide to eat it.

Homemade Ice Cream Play Dough

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This ice cream play dough is so realistic. It would be fun to make it with frosting and powdered sugar. And it would even be more fun to play with it and children have a taste of this yummy treat.

Pillsbury Funfetti Frosting - Bold Purple

Homemade Minions Slime

More minion fever! It’s definitely a box office hit and is the second-biggest opening in history for an animated film. If your kids still can’t get over it, here’s what you can do for them. Minions slime. It’s easy to do and your kids will love it!

Homemade Minions Slime

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Cute and gooey! And the slime can be made easily with borax and glue! Who knew?! We’d definitely try it soon. This would be perfect as a party favor as well.

Mule Team Borax and Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda Variety Pack