Cute Rustic Crate Toy Storage DIY

We all know that having children around is a lot of fun but oh boy, they sure know how to make a mess with their toys. Rather than letting those stuffed toys lay around on the floor, you can make the perfect place for them. And not just a boring old plastic basket, make it fun and colorful that your kids will surely love it.

Cute Rustic Crate Toy Storage

Check out Walnut Hollow Crafts.

This proves that PVC pipes have a lot of uses and when you have the other right materials. You can make tons of stuff with it. And this rustic toy storage with wooden crate is just adorable.

Amish Wares Small Miniature Sized Poplar Crates

Homemade Water color DIY

Are you looking for fun crafts to do with your kids? How about water coloring? You can help develop the artist in your children, not to mention it’s a nice bonding activity. You can make your own set of water colors using materials that you can find in your kitchen.

Homemade Watercolor DIY

Learn how at The Sweeter Side of Mommyhood.

It’s just fun to know that you have access to this any time. You can check out this book of fun arts to do with your watercolor. Have fun!

Prima Marketing 8x10 Watercolor Coloring Book

Fun iPhone Cases Makeover

Are you already bored with your phone case? Hey, you don’t need to buy new one, which we know can really be expensive. Just use your creativity and give your plain boring case a new look. You can make it more beautiful, classy, and glamorous.

Fun iPhone Cases Makeover

Check out A Beautiful Mess.

Well, a girl just love her glitters. If you don’t want to use those, you can opt for sequins or ribbons. Hey, you can give them as gifts as well.

Multicraft Imports 7mm Cup Sequins

Fun Snack Box Puppet DIY

Admit it, you sometimes can’t make yourself throw those glossy cereal or food boxes away. So you keep them and store them waiting for the time when you find a reason to make use of them. Well, here’s your reason.

Fun Snack Box Puppet DIY

Get full instructions at Mer Mag.

Seriously, how cute are these snack box puppets? And you easily make them too. Now you have your excuse to take those boxes out along with some discarded egg cartons. Get your paint brush and paint out. Don’t forget some pompoms too. Get crafting!

NUDGE Rembrandt Jumbo Acrylic Paint Studio