Spring Outdoor Decorating Idea – Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

I just love spending more time sitting outside, especially during dusk and at night. Who doesn’t? Now that it’s spring, I can finally start decorating our patio. If you have a porch or garden, you can create a serene ambiance by hanging a rustic outdoor chandelier. This would make anyone’s home lovelier, more so during the night.

Spring Outdoor Decorating Idea - Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

Read the full details at Crafts Unleashed to make your own homemade chandelier.

Do you have all the needed supplies at hand? You can use some tealight candles to illuminate your place more. You can also opt for battery-operated candles so you won’t have to worry about fire issues. Put these inside a lantern and hang them and you got look that you want.

Spring Outdoor Decorating - Rustic Outdoor Chandelier DIY

How to Grow an Insane Garden With Hay Bales

Straw bale garden - great veggies with little fuss!

Look at this garden! It’s gorgeous. Healthy, huge plants are grwoing so well because the entire area they are growing in is food for them to consume and they aren’t competing with a bunch of weeds. Less work for you too. If you’re planning a garden this year you might want to see this technique.

Tutorial at Modern Farmer.