Geometric Egg Planter DIY

Easter is over. Now what are you going to do with those plastic eggs that you’ve used, especially the big ones? Well, repurposing is just using your imagination and creativity to make use of these things that you are supposed to throw away. And the end result of creating something more beautiful is just rewarding. When it comes to those plastic eggs, make them into a hanging garden planter!

Geometric Egg Planter DIY

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Adding cotton laundry line makes the egg look so rustic, making it perfect for your porch. Paint it any color you like and make some geometric shapes to make it more fun!

Rustic Outdoor Bird Aviary DIY

Build a rustic outdoor birdhouse for your pet birds. If you don’t have pet birds, you can lure a lot of bird species to your garden or your yard. Now that spring is coming, there would definitely be a lot of them that will be visiting your home. Welcome them in and make them a home to stay.

Rustic Outdoor Bird Aviary DIY

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Although birds make their own nest, you can encourage them to stay with this outdoor project. Air dry clay is the perfect material for this job. It’s a sturdy home for birds so they don’t get inside when it rains and it doesn’t get easily knocked up by strong winds.

Crayola Air Dry Clay 2.5 Lb Bucket White

DIY Firestone Fire Pit

Relaxing in an open fire outside your home is a sure way to enjoy a nice evening. A fire pit is a great for outdoor entertaining when you have some friends over. It’s sure to offer some bonding moments plus, everyone would be looking forward to making some s’mores with it. If you are planning to build one, it’s not as hard as you think.

DIY Firestone Fire Pit

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The next time you visit the hardware store, you need to include landscape stones in your list along with pea gravel, gloves, and the other materials needed. You can definitely look forward to reminiscing some old memories and creating wonderful new ones over your DIY fire pit.

Landmann 26364 23-1 2-Inch Savannah Garden Light Fire Pit


Transform Old Tin Cans into Gorgeous Outdoor Lighting

We hate waste. And we hate throwing things away that can still be recycled. Your old paint tin cans that have already gone dry, milk cans, and others tin cans that you can find in your garage or kitchen can be transformed into a beautiful and rustic outdoor lighting. They can be perfect in your porch or balcony. And it’s not as hard as you think.

Transform Old Tin Cans into Outdoor Lighting

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Get your outdoor rated pendant lighting kits wiring, switches, romex wiring, hooks, and other tools to get you started. It’s a nice project if you want to spend some lazy night outside or are entertaining guests in your backyard.

Ansen Tools AN-219 Eye Bolt and Eye Hook Assortment