Cute Pom Pom Planter DIY

If you got way too much time in your hands, maybe you can do a little crafting and give your room a little makeover. You don’t have to do it all in one go. You can do so one crafting project at a time.

Maybe you are already feeling sorry for your sad-looking planter, you can start with that. Add a little (or a lot) or color to give life to your room. How? Just take a look at this colorful craft.

Cute Pom Pom Planter DIY

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Pompoms are adorable and fun! What we love is you don’t need a lot for this craft. Just take out your hot glue gun to do the job. Have fun crafting!

Pompoms for Crafts and Hobby Supplies

DIY Cat Scratching Post

Having a cat is so much fun. They give life a little meaning and brighten your day… That is when they are not busy trying to destroy your furniture. We’ve all seen that. Scratches here. And more scratches there. If you want to avoid that you can have furniture that is cat-friendly yet still leaving your place stylish. Do you want to learn how?

DIY Cat Scratching Post

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You don’t have to purchase a new furniture or ottoman. You can use the one you already have. Or the next time one of your neighbors has a garage sale, you might find one. You’ll need some sisal rope, hot glue, and other materials for the job. Have fun crafting.

Wellington Cordage 11345

Fabric Basket DIY

For all of your small and big stuff, you need somewhere to put them. Otherwise, they end up disorganized in your drawer or a big mess on the floor in your home. A clean and well-kept house helps promote calmness. So, let’s find a way to make your place homey and nice by finding a place for everything. How about making a fabric basket for your laundry or the children’s toys. Want to learn how?

Fabric Basket DIY

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There are a lot of advantages when you know how to sew. You can fix ripped clothing and you can create household things as needed just like this fabric basket. You can start with this book if you want to learn how to sew. It’s easy as long as you have the tools and sturdy machine. Then, it’s all about choosing the right kind of fabric.

Have fun crafting!

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Rainbow Soap Popsicles DIY

Make showering or washing awesome with this rainbow soap popsicles.

Yes, you can whip up a batch of homemade colorful and fun soap and it is not as hard as you think. This particular soap DIY just looks so good, good enough to eat. It may not taste good though but it will definitely get the job done in getting you clean.

You can make this for your home or as a gift. They would surely be a wonderful wedding or party favor.

Rainbow Soap Popsicles DIY

Instructions at Jennifer Perkins.

This soap making craft makes a fun weekend project that you can do with your family or friends.

Have you tried making soap before? It’s really easy. You can avoid all the mess by just getting a melt-n-pour soap base. You can make your soap smell nice with essential oils and colorful with soap coloring. To make it even easier, just get this soap-making starter kit. Have fun!

Lorann Oils Soap Making Kit