Easy Lavender Bags DIY

Lavender has been known to have a lot of benefits. It has healing properties, it repels moths and mosquitoes, and it also aids in having a nice and wonderful sleep when they are placed near your pillow. Put it in your cabinet and it’ll make your clothes smell wonderful. Today, let’s learn how to make lavender bags. Look how easy it is!

Easy Lavender Bags DIY

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You can make a bunch of these lavender sachet bags for your own or to be given for your friends. They would make a nice party favor as well, don’t you think? All of these using scrap fabrics and little sewing skills. You can even sew these with your own hands. Give it a try! Have fun crafting!

Organic Lavender Flowers (Extra Grade - Dried)

Fancy Picnic Basket DIY

Ah, summer. You make our hearts warm and happy. It is such a wonderful season to be outside, reading a book and enjoying the warmth of the sun in our faces. So make the most of it! How about planning a day out at the beach or the park? We are thinking a nice, picnic! Why not? And to go with that is a fancy basket! Take a look at this awesome DIY!

Fancy Picnic Basket DIY

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We are loving the pompom details so much we are definitely adding one to our picnic basket next time. And this pompom is so easy to make either manually or using a pompom maker. You can add these pompoms so some of your crafts as well. Have fun crafting!

Accmart 4 Sizes Pom-pom Maker for Fluff Ball DIY

DIY Zipper Pouch

Often, we find ourselves lost in our own bag, spending an eternity rummaging through your belongings looking for a pen or a lipstick. It goes the same with things in your house as well. Wouldn’t it be better if you have something to keep them all in place rather than just laying around or messy inside your bag? Keep all your pens or your make up in one place with this zipper pouch.

DIY Zipper Pouch

Check out Pam Ash Designs.

What we love about this is that it’s so easy to make. You don’t have to be an experienced sewer to do the job. You can also use some scrap fabric from your previous crafts. Now all you need are zippers and felt! Oh this would be so much fun to make! Enjoy crafting!

Pineapple Fabric

DIY Denim Patchwork Seat Pad

There are days when you just have had enough of those overcrowded closet space and decide to let go of clothes you can’t wear anymore. Maybe they’re too small, too large, or not in fashion anymore. You can decide to give them away or repurpose them in some way. Just like your old denim pants. If they are way past usable, here is one way to make use of them.

Denim Patchwork Seat Pad

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Patchworking is so much fun to do, especially if you have some spare time. If you want to learn more about patchworking, you can check out this book and get this template. Ready your sewing machine and kit ready and have fun crafting!

Perfect Patchwork Template Set G