Kids Secret Play Place Under the Stairs

I love this hidden room, secret hide-out for kids, in an otherwise awkward and barely useable space. Lovely transformation that will delight children for many years. Courtesy of Houzz.

Spice Shelf for Smart Kitchen Storage


This is simple way to reorganize your spices into a user friendly are where the are quickly accessible. I love it has a cute door to blend in with the kitchen decor and that all the spices are visible and accessible. So smart.

Here is how it was built at confessionsofaserialdiyer

Orange Coconut Body Butter for Natural, Homemade Skin Care

Orange Coconut Body Butter for Natural Skin Care

Oh, how I do love a good body butter (this is Angela speaking, not my husband. 😉 ) and this homemade recipe looks amazing. Orange is a great scent and essential oil to include in skin care products because it lifts the spirits and can energize you. Coconut oil absorbs into the skin and has nutritive value to the skin as well. Together, I can only imagine how lovely they would be.

See the recipe at Henry Happened.

Homemade Succulent Garden from Repurposed Plumbing Supplies

Indoor succulent garden containers from repurposed containers

This is a fun indoor garden project that reuses galvanized plumbing pipes as the containers for the succulent garden. I adore these indoor little garden collections – succulents don’t need very much water and will tolerate forgetful gardeners like me. Brilliant.

See how they made it at Finding Home.