Keep Your Skin Moisturized This Summer with DIY Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap

It’s summer and you know what that means. More time to outside, go on outing, or go to the beach. It also means dry skin. You can take care of it by making your own soap so you can have a glowing skin and keep it moisturized. A Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed soap will do the trick.

DIY Grapefruit Mint Poppyseed Soap

Learn how to make it at A Beautiful Mess.

Do you want to start making our own soap? It’s easy. You can learn the art from this book and with this tool kit to get you started. You then can give it as a gift to your friends or start your own business.

Soap Making Kit


Hand-painted Teacups – A DIY Project

It’s fun purchasing new teacups from a thrift store. The problem with most of them though is that they are too plain. So what to do to make them more interesting? Painting them could totally give them a fresh new look. You could get creative with these teacups and design them the way you like it.

Hand-painted Teacups - A DIY Project

Read how to make this at Drawing Under The Table.

Hand painting your teacups can make using them more fun. Spruce them up by coloring and designing them however you want. Ask the kids to help you turn those plain-looking teacups into a masterpiece.

Plain Teacups

TeaCup Tray – An Afternoon Tea Idea

Time for your afternoon tea? Turn it into a lovely one with a do-it-yourself teacup tray. If you have extra teacups and plates to spare, make a tray for your yummy biscuits and finger sandwiches. It will surely make your table look appealing and you’ll definitely get some compliments if you have some friends over.

TeaCup Tray - An Afternoon Tea Idea

Learn this easy process at CLAD&CLOTH.

Teacup tray would make a nice table decoration to any party you are hosting. So if you have old teacups and plates that you are not using anymore, this is one good reason to get them out of your storage. Pair it with this lovely book and your afternoon couldn’t be more perfect.

The Vintage Teacup Club

Giving Your Plastic Pots a Rustic Makeover

A lovely home reveals itself even in the tiniest details. You can see the affection in every corner of the house… Even in those plotted plants. If you don’t like the way they look, you can give your plastic pots some rustic makeover. It would be a wonderful project to do over the weekend.

Giving Your Plastic Pots a Rustic Makeover

Find out how to make this at Amy Krist.

You can turn your potted plants inside or outside your home and give it a fresh new look. Or better yet, if you already like the ones already in your home, get new pots and make potted plants with a rustic appearance. Or, you can give it your own design. If you need planting advice, this book might help you out.

From the Potting Shed