Homemade Soy Candles

We all love that amazing smell from candles that welcomes you when you enter your home or any particular room in your house. It’s that familiar smell that we all look forward to that just relaxes us after a day’s work. Somehow, it’s a soothing aroma that releases the stress we are feeling. Rather than buying, you can make a say candle with the fragrance of your choice.

Homemade Soy Candles

Read the process at Oh Everything Handmade.

Have you tried making your own candle? You can make it for yourself or as a gift. You can start with this kit or you can learn the basics with the help of this book.

Natural Soy Wax Candle Making Kit

Household Craft – DIY Ironing Board

For those who are living in a small apartment or students living is a small dorm room, every space is maximized. This dilemma is understood by those who don’t have a full sized ironing board. Well, maybe you need an excuse to make your own ironing board according to your own ironing need. Why not? It is perfect for small spaces or gaps in between appliances and wall.

Household Craft - DIY Ironing Board

Find the full guide at Dream A Little Bigger.

Have you tried re-purposing an old shelf board and towel to make your own ironing board? It’s quite easy.

Wood Shelf

Online Woodworking Class

Summer Craft – DIY Mason Jar Tumbler

Lounging by your pool or the beach and sipping an ice-cold, refreshing beverage, is what we all look forward to this summer. You know how to make this scene more perfect? By drinking your beverage in style. You can create your own cute tumbler that you can carry around wherever you want to go.

Summer Craft - DIY Mason Jar Tumbler

Find the full tutorial at One O Textile.

There’s nothing more fun than mixing your own concoction in mason jars. Make your summer fancier with this versatile container.

Pewter Daisy Jelly Lid for Mason Jars

Thrift Store Chair Makeover

It’s fascinating how you can find some things on a thrift store. If you have the eye and a little creativity, you can turn some of your finds into something awesome. Just like if you found an old chair, or maybe you already have one at home and it is too old-looking for your taste, you can give it a makeover.

Thrift Store Chair Makeover

Get the full tutorial at Paper and Fox.

You can always turn your plain household furniture into something pretty with DIY. With your blue and white spray paint, you’ll have a new place for it in your home.

White Spray Paint