Make Cooking Easier with a DIY Recipe Holder

To anyone who loves to cook, it can be frustrating not have to have something where you can place your recipe. You can always buy a nice recipe holder but for someone who is stingy about money, buying is not an option as long as you can make one yourself. If you have an odd piece of wood laying around and you can’t bear to throw it away, this is the perfect craft for it.

Make Cooking Easier with a DIY Recipe Holder

Full tutorial at Happy Hour Projects.

That would look nice on your kitchen counter right? It is so easy to make too. With a little help from your Mod Podge and some scrapbook paper, you can indeed make a lot of things. Happy crafting!

Scrap Book Paper Pad

DIY Upcycled Nautical Serving Set

When we host a party or have some friends over, we want to make them feel welcome and serve them the best food and drinks that we can offer. Also, if possible, show off some of crafty skills as well. 😉 serve them in style with a nautical themed serving set.

DIY Upcycled Nautical Serving Set

Learn how at The Thinking Closet.

Make the party more interesting and let your guests talk about your amazing talent with some tools you can find in your own home, such as a cake pan and ropes.

manila rope

Quilting Supplies at

Homemade Indigo Shibori Dyed Placemats

Tie dying is seems to be one of the in things this summer. Well, it’s a craft that you can do all year round but this indigo shibori dying is the trend! We see kids in the mall, park or anywhere wearing their own dyed accessory, whether it’s a tote bag, scarf, or a tank top. And it’s quite pretty. So for mom, you can do it at your home too. Like in your placemats perhaps.

Homemade Indigo Shibori Dyed Placemats

Learn how at Lovely Indeed.

Have you tried tie dying before? If not, this is your time to get started. Get you tie dye kit and start crafting. What more can you create? Read this book.

Indigo Tie Dye

DIY Citronella Candles – Shoo Those Mosquitoes Away

We know you love summer as much as we do. The sun, the beach (even the scorching heat!), the outdoor activity, and backyard fun! But unfortunately, this is also means mosquitoes. I mean, can’t we enjoy our backyard night camping, with s’mores on hand, in peace? Urgh! And we hate bug sprays too. So when you tried everything and it didn’t work out for you, make your own citronella candles to shoo those pests away.

DIY Citronella Candles - Shoo Those Mosquitoes Away

Learn how at Cherished Bliss.

Have you tried making your own scented candles? Read how to get started with the help of this book. This beginner’s kit will have everything you need.

Candle Making Kit