Turn Mandala Into Square

Mandala is such an interesting pattern. It’s easy to make and it’s fun to play with different color combinations to see what they would look like when they’re finished. Now how you can turn them into a blanket?

Turn Mandala Into Square.

Learn how at Spincushions.

Have you made your own crochet blanket, coasters, or doily? Learn more from this book or enroll in an online class. You can get this handy crochet kit as well.

Crochet Hooks Kit

Personalizing a Keepsake Box

There will always be a sentimentalist inside each and every one of us. We liked to keep something and preserve them and the memories that go with it. For sure you still have that letter from someone special during your high school days… Perhaps some trinkets, photos, souvenirs of your recent travels. You can store them in a keepsake box that you can make even more special by personalizing it.

Personalizing a Keepsake Box

Learn the process at A Lovely Look.

Lovely, isn’t it? Look for a nice wooden box where you can save your little treasures and keep them for as long as you like. Add some little love with paint, stencils or whatever you like. Have fun crafting. 😉

Wooden Box

DIY Magnetic Family Chore Board

If you are a parent, you know that chores are done properly when there is a list of the things that need to be done. A chore chart or board is a simple way do do this. There are a lot of creative way to make a chore board and some are truly ingenious. One project we have come across with is really cute and handy. A photo family home chore board.

DIY Magnetic Family Chore Board

Get the instructions at Delia Creates.

There are a lot of chore board that you can buy but where’s the fun in that? Get you own magnetic board and start crafting. Don’t forget to add a little reward for the chores done.

Magnetic Board

Back-to-School: Stitched Notebook Covers DIY

It’s back-to-school time again. Are you happy with all those school supplies you have purchased for your kids? If that crafty person inside you has kicked in, you can make their notebooks more interesting and personalized. You can stitch their covers with striking designs. Get the kids to help you out for fun!

Back-to-School Stitched Notebooks DIY

Learn the process at How Did You Make This.

Stitching is fun right? You can learn more about stitching with this book.

Modern Hand Stitching