Wall Planter DIY

Plants always give your home that fresh look and calm atmosphere. If you don’t have enough space outdoors, you can always go for indoor gardening. Succulents and herbs can grow well despite having less exposure to the sun. It not only pleasing to the eyes but fresh green plants also relaxes your body. You can display these on your wall to rest your eyes on when they are feeling kind of tired. Do that with this DIY wall planter.

Wall Planter DIY

Check out Lana Red Studio.

Make sure you pot your plants well. It would look nice if you choose a theme for your pots. And then secure them well on a wire rack on your wall.

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Knitted Floor Pouf DIY

There is nothing more relaxing than spending some time alone in your home. If you have some free time and looking for something to do, you can get some knitting project done. If you think that it’s a bit too late already for some winter wear, there are a lot of other easy knit to make. Like this cozy floor pouf.

Knitted Floor Pouf DIY

Learn how at The Surznick Common Room.

It’s so cozy and perfect knitting project for beginners. The thicker the yarn, the easier it is to knit. Of course you need to use larger knitting needles as well. Have fun knitting.

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Online Knitting Class

Easy Crochet Throw Pillow DIY

Starting and learning something new can be a little intimidating. But, you can’t deny that the idea can be exciting as well. You get to learn something new. Like if you are thinking about learning how to stitch. At first, you might think that it’s hard but it’s not. Once you’ll get the hang of it, you can’t stop thinking about what project to do next. You can always start with something simple. Take a look at this easy throw pillow crochet project.

Easy Crochet Throw Pillow DIY

Learn how at The Craft Patch.

If you are really interested to learn crochet, you can start with this book with easy to follow patterns. Or, you can enroll thru an online class. Make sure you can the complete crochet needles and yarns to work with. Have fun!

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Valentine’s Day Gift Idea – Bath Bombs

Give your girl friends some love this Valentine’s Day. Make a pretty bath bombs. And not just for your friends, but for your colleagues and family members as well. We all need some pampering time and we can all do it at the comforts of our home. We appreciate all the relaxing time that we need, even just for a few minutes a day.

Valentine's Day Gift Idea - Bath Bombs

Check it out Adventures in Making.

It’s the perfect time to try it if you haven’t made a bath bombs before. Go to your kitchen and grab some baking soda. You can use your favorite essential oil and some dried flowers.

Bath Bomb Making Kit