Glitter Confetti Coasters DIY

Glitters. You can’t get enough of these on New Year’s Eve. Use them as decorations and as backdrop for your photo op. And it doesn’t hurt to use them even in the smallest details. As you serve your sparkling drinks, make sure that they come in glittery confetti coasters. And even when New Year celebration is over, it would still be perfect in your tea party or other gatherings. Check this out.

Glitter Confetti Coasters DIY

A Bubbly Life.

You don’t have to buy some new coasters. If you already have a number of them, you just have to fill them up with confetti and glitter bits. So fun! You still have time to do this craft as you welcome the New Year!

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Easy Christmas Gift Idea – Bath Bombs DIY

Having a lot of friends and co-workers could mean a lot of people that you’ll be giving gifts to. It’s difficult to buy something for them all. Something that they actually would be happy to receive. But nothing says special and thoughtful than a DIY gift. And here’s something that is not only easy to make but is cheap to make, too. You can make a batch of bath bombs that is cute and so festive too.

Easy Christmas Gift Idea - Bath Bombs DIY

Learn how at A Pumpkin and a Princess.

This DIY Christmas gift idea will easily cross everyone off on your list in just one go. Everyone loves bath bombs. It’s a nice way to enjoy your time in the bathroom. And nothing says Christmas-y than peppermint scent. Add them to your Epsom Salt along with other ingredients and you’ll have a gift than will surely be appreciated.

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Slimy Plastic Utensils Halloween DIY

One of the secrets of a successful Halloween party is sticking to the theme you have chosen. It’s all about thinking and planning ahead. Once you have the decoration and food figured out, don’t forget about some of the little details, such as your utensils. Check out this DIY from this blog.

Slimy Plastic Utensils Halloween DIY

Visit Tikkido.

We love how these simple plastic flatware were turned into something creepy and so spot on, especially in you are going with Ghostbusters theme. It’s slimy and glittery. For sure your guests would be impressed with your hosting skills. Have fun!

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Homemade Minty Lip Balm

Can you already feel it in the air? Cold weather is coming. It is the time to take long walks, cuddling by the fireplace, sipping hot cocoa and pumpkin spice. Unfortunately, it is also the time for dry and chapped lips. You can keep your lips moist with a lip balm. Good news is, it is very easy to make and it saves you more money in the long run rather than buying it from a store.

Homemade Minty Lip Balm

Go to Simply Stacie.

What you need is coconut oil, beeswax, cocoa butter, and almond oil. You can make it minty with peppermint essential oil and put them in containers. They would make a lovely gift or party favors too. Have fun!

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