Valentine’s Day Coffee Basket Idea

A few more days to go and it’s Valentine’s Day. Still wondering what to get your special someone? Maybe you have already planned something amazing on this day but you know how you can make their day even more perfect? By starting it with a coffee. A coffee gift basket idea is so easy to do and would make an amazing gift to start their morning.

Coffee Gift Idea for Valentine's Day

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This gift idea is not just for your Valentine. You can easily make a batch for your friends and your co-workers. You still have a lot of time to look for boxes and their favorite tea or coffee. You can easily whip this up in minutes. Have a Happy Valentine’s Day.

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Homemade Watercolor Valentine’s Day Cards

Throughout the years, homemade Valentine’s Day card have become less and less popular. Most would just resort to online greetings, through social media and eCards. But still. Nothing says special and remembered than a card you created. Not just handwritten but designs that you made with your hands. Combine it with your love for watercolor and you will have something really beautiful. Just like these lovely Valentine cards.

Homemade Watercolor Valentines Day Cards

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For sure, your Valentine will love and appreciate this card. Don’t forget to let all those you love, too. Get a set of blank note cards and work your watercolor magic on it. Have fun and have a happy Valentine’s Day!

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Glitter Confetti Coasters DIY

Glitters. You can’t get enough of these on New Year’s Eve. Use them as decorations and as backdrop for your photo op. And it doesn’t hurt to use them even in the smallest details. As you serve your sparkling drinks, make sure that they come in glittery confetti coasters. And even when New Year celebration is over, it would still be perfect in your tea party or other gatherings. Check this out.

Glitter Confetti Coasters DIY

A Bubbly Life.

You don’t have to buy some new coasters. If you already have a number of them, you just have to fill them up with confetti and glitter bits. So fun! You still have time to do this craft as you welcome the New Year!

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Pretty New Year’s Eve Party Backdrop DIY

So how was your Christmas celebration? Did you get to spend it with your family and/or loved ones? For sure, it was a wonderful. Now, we can look forward to our New Year party. You might be one of those that just go and attend someone else’s party. But if you are not, if you are the one throwing a party this year, go all out and make it as sparkly and glittery as you can. For sure there will be a lot of selfies, groufies, and other picture-taking sessions. Make sure that it will be as wonderful as the memories you are making. Here is one idea that you could try.

Pretty New Year’s Eve Party Backdrop DIY

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Isn’t it wonderful? We love how it stands out but doesn’t demand too much attention. Also, it’s ridiculously easy to make. With just a few materials like metallic tissue and tape, you can make your decorations amazing. Happy crafting!

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