Flowered Easter Eggs DIY

Easter is almost here! If you are busy with other things and haven’t got the time to prepare, you can still make Easter fun for the entire family! You can still make Easter egg hunt happen or just use the eggs for a fancy decoration even though you only have a couple of days more to go. Here’s a super easy way to decorate your eggs just in time for the holiday.

Flowered Easter Eggs DIY

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We love the candy pink color of the eggs. It really goes with the Easter or spring-y season theme. The touch of flowers makes it lovelier. It kind of reminds you of the cherry blossom festival. But if you still don’t have time for that, you can always use plastic eggs.

Have a lovely Easter.

Kangaroo's Easter Eggs

Easter Egg Button Art Decor

Ready for more Easter craft ideas? Let’s make some more eggs!

Now, it doesn’t have to be your traditional Easter eggs. We can make an egg that doesn’t have to involve actual eggs. Less mess fir everyone. How? Buttons!

Do you still keep those extra buttons you bought? Or maybe you got one of those that popped out from old clothing. It’s time to make use of those. Learn how to make this colorful Easter egg craft.

Easter Egg Button Art Decor

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It’s beyond adorable, right? We just love how you can recycle those buttons to create this cute egg. So festive. You can put it together with your Easter eggs or on your wall as a decor even after Easter. Have a happy crafting. And have a happy Easter.

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Easter Chick Cup DIY

Easter is almost here. You still have time to make your preparations and decorations for the party. Well, for us, Easter is about celebrations our Savior’s resurrection. It’s about spending it with family, doing old and creating new family traditions, eating of course, and doing some Easter crafting. If you are looking for a fun one, you can try this Easter chic made from recycled cup.

Easter Chick Cup DIY

Instructions at Midwestern Moms.

Isn’t it adorable? It’s a better use for your use k-cups. I was thinking of using our empty Play-Doh cups. Simply paint them yellow or leave them all in different colors, add some of your paper cut-outs, and glue. You can use these cups for table decorations or to put all the candies in it for the children. Have fun crafting and have a Happy Easter.


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Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs DIY

You think you’ve seen all the things that have been done with Easter eggs. You think you’ve done all the craft things that can be done with Easter eggs. But hut have you tried how to create these pretty blue colored eggs. Yes, they are dyed but is done in the most natural way.

Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs DIY

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Who knew that red cabbages could create these lovely robin blue eggs. This works really if you prefer real plastic Easter eggs and eat them afterwards. The metallic gold paint adds a more rustic effect to your eggs. This would be a fun craft to do over the weekend. The kids would have a fun time helping you, for sure.

Have fun crafting.

Plastic Easter Eggs