Jack O’Lantern Fall/Halloween Decor

It’s officially fall season. Is your home season-ready? We know how some can really be busy with work and other things. With the right ideas, you can decorate them easily for autumn. Or if you can’t wait already, you can start decorating for Halloween! You don’t have to do it all by yourself. Employ the hands of your little ones at home. With this craft, for sure they’d be more than willing to help.

Jack O’Lantern Fall Halloween Decor

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How crafty! You have an autumn-themed porch with this terracotta pot and saucer. An easy decor idea when you don’t have much free time. Aside from that, you get to start that Halloween spirit in your home, too. It’s a fun activity to do when you think it’s still too early for pumpkin carving. Have fun crafting!

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Family Halloween Costume Idea – Where’s Waldo

Halloween is the time to be scary and fun! Halloween parties and trick-or-treating are a must activity for the kids. But hey, just because you’re not a kid anymore doesn’t mean that you can’t enjoy the holiday. Join your neighbor’s or friend’s Halloween party.. As a family..

We know you don’t want to stress yourself out too much thinking about the perfect family costume. We are all looking for that idea that requires less effort but has the same impact. Just like this timeless and cute family costume.

Family Halloween Costume Idea - Where’s Waldo

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Seriously, you can’t go wrong with Where’s Waldo family costume. It’s so easy to put together. You might already have a striped shirt in your wardrobe so you won’t have to worry about the rest. Have fun crafting!

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Halloween Treat Bags DIY

There’s really no stopping it. Halloween crafts are everywhere. Halloween decor ideas, costume ideas, and snacks for your Halloween event or when you are throwing a party. You maybe have a plan already to decorate your home and have the perfect costume, but don’t forget about those little monsters who’ll come knocking at your door… the trick-or-treaters. Don’t forget to make their night extra special too. Don’t just give them a handful of candies. You can keep those treats secure in a goodie bag.

Halloween Treat Bags DIY

Instructions at Persia Lou.

Imagine the looks on those kids’ faces when you hand these paper bags with them. We just love the Halloween goodie bag design. It’s so festive. And this sticker paper is a good way to seal them up. This is a craft that you can start doing this weekend! Make sure to include the kids and enjoy a bonding moment. Have fun crafting!

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Ghost Tea Lights Halloween Decor Idea

Halloween is not just about making a big impression. It’s also about the small details, either for your haunted house or when you are throwing a Halloween party. You can start your preparations now to avoid cramming later. Or maybe you are just excited already to put up your Halloween decor. WE found the right craft that you can look forward to create. It’s so easy to do for sure the kids would have fun making them.

Ghost Tea Lights Halloween Decor Idea

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Air-dry clay is just so easy to work with. And imagine all the craft projects you can do with it. This Halloween craft idea is just like baking your cookies. You will need rolling pin and cookie cutter. The final trick is using tea lights to make them glow. What adorable little ghosts! Have fun crafting!

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