Sparkler Printable for Fourth of July Celebration

Yes, we are here to celebrate our Independence Day so we are commemorating the event. Thus the food, the drinks, and the decor! And oh how we love the fireworks. Fourth of July is not the Fourth of July without the fireworks. Everyone is so stoked about it and, of course the kids, too. So right before the show, let the children and your guests experience it with their very own sparklers. And it would be a lovely idea to use them as a favor. You still have the time to do this craft.

Sparkler Printable for Fourth of July Celebration

Find out how at Alice & Lois.

Grab those sparklers now and celebrate the Fourth of July with a big boom!

4th of July Sparklers

Fourth of July Patriotic Street Number Banner

Fourth of July is almost here. It’s actually one of our favorite holidays. So for your party, of course you would only want something festive to greet your guests in your home. You can do some quick craft for your front door. This patriotic street number banner idea will ensure your guests that they are in the right house. This would definitely go nicely along with your other patriotic decor.

Fourth of July Patriotic Street Number Banner

Learn how to make it at Just A Little Creativity.

Do you need supplies for this project? Get your cloth canvas here and craft paint here. You still have a lot of time to finish this craft. If you are interested and take it to the next level, go ahead and take a painting class.

Craftsy Fine Art

Easy Patriotic Antipasto for the Fourth of July

Are you looking for an appetizer to serve for your Fourth of July party? You might already be thinking… “Finger foods. That’s perfect!” But you can make it better by serving an appetizer that came in cups. Isn’t it a lovely idea? It’s quite handy too. Your guests can just grab it and carry it while they roam around.

Easy Patriotic Antipasto for Fourth of July

Take a look at this Easy Patriotic Antipasto at:
Joyful Scribblings

Anytime you throw a party, you can make use of these cups to serve not just appetizers, but your desserts as well. Nothing makes preparing a menu easier with some skewers and small party cups.

Plastic Party Cups

Patriotic Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

We just celebrated Father’s Day and now we are looking forward to another celebration… The Fourth of July. We just love to seize every opportunity we have to celebrate with our family and friends… And to cook. Red velvet cake is one of the kids’ favorite, and of course, the adults’ too. We have stumbled upon this recipe that will make it yummier. A red velvet ice cream cake.

Patriotic Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake

Find the recipe at Life, Love and Sugar.

Yum! It looks so festive and it surely tastes good too. We can’t wait to make our own cake. Need help with your dessert? This book might help. Or you can make your own ice cream with this ice cream maker.

Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker