DIY Stuffed Easter Bunny Doll

Easter is not complete without the Easter Bunny. Kids would be delighted to have a bunny rabbit to deliver their Easter Eggs to them. So for another Easter craft, let’s make some cute Easter bunny stuffed doll. It would also be a nice companion for your kids during the night.

DIY Stuffed Easter Bunny Doll

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The little tots would surely love these dolls. I can already imagine them not letting it out of their sight. Learn more about what you can sew with the help of this book. Interested in an online class? You can enroll here.

11 Dolls with Clothes and Accessories to Sew


Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg DIY Soaps

Share the love and Easter spirit with your friends and colleagues by giving them gifts. What would be more appropriate than Easter eggs? Why not chocolates egg soaps? Everyone loves chocolates and it would awesome to use a soap that looks and smells like chocolates.

Homemade Chocolate Easter Egg DIY Soaps

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Do you love the making soaps? If you are just starting, you will enjoy this soap-making kit and book so you can try different designs. Just make sure you supervise the kids when you are doing this craft with them.

Soap Making Kit

Easter Egg Party – Ribbon Eggs

Are excited for the Easter Egg party? For sure the kids are looking forward to that too. Looking forward to the food, cookies, the games, and of course, the Easter egg hunting. It would be a lot of fun making and hiding those cute eggs. When you make a basket full of colorful eggs, let the kids help you out. This would make them really happy being a part of the process.

Easter Egg Party - Ribbon Eggs

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It’s easy and it doesn’t require a lot of materials. The adhesive ribbons are your answer if you don’t want to make a whole lot of mess using paints and glitters. You’d still have a nice result.

Decorative Lace Tape Sticker Self Adhesive


Easy, Last Minute St Patrick’s Day Accessory

It’s almost St. Patrick’s Day and for sure, you will be attending a party or two. Whether you want to be lucky or just to have fun! Hey, there might be a street parade and party in your area. And you’d only want to look and dress appropriately. This includes wearing the right accessories as well. Here’s a festive and easy-to-do bracelets that you can make and wear just in time for the celebration.

Easy Last Minute St Patrick’s Day Accessory

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White, yellow, and green fabrics made into bracelets are just too cute. Use baker’s twine and made a whole bunch of them for you and your friends.

Emerald Green Yarn