Easy Spider Web Earrings DIY

Ready for your Halloween party? You must have a complete look to make a statement. Not just for your costume but for your accessories as well. Here’s a Halloween-themed accessory that you can create in just a few minutes.

Easy Spider Web Earrings DIY

Learn how it is made at Jewelry Tutorial HQ.

Have you tried making your own jewelry before? Get this kit and be sure to read this book. Or better yet, learn quickly thru an online class.

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Easy Rag Wig DIY to Complete Your Halloween Costume

Just a couple days more. Do you have everything that you need for your Halloween costume? If you are whipping up some last minute idea and needed a wig to complete the look, you can make one really quickly.

Easy Rag Wig DIY to Complete Your Halloween Costume

Get instructions at Little Inspiration.

This easy yarn wig is perfect if you are going for a Raggedy Ann look or any similar costume.

Raggedy Anne Baby Costume

Easy Kids Halloween Costume Idea – Baby Bat Costume

Not all of us have the time to make costumes for Halloween. But we all know what it is one of the children’s favorite holiday so you don’t want to leave them disappointment that they can’t participate or that they don’t have an awesome costume. If you don’t have the time, you can still pull off making a costume for your little one that is so easy to make.

Easy Kids Halloween Costume Idea - Baby Bat Costume

Get Instructions at Mer Mag.

See? This costume is too cute and it only takes minutes to make. For sure you they have some black outfit. Add some black cardboard wings and ears and he or she is good to go. Happy Halloween!

Baby Bat Costume

Easy Ghost Cake Toppers

We still have a couple weeks before the Halloween and that means you can do some crafts for your party. You can easily squeeze projects in between your free time to make your Halloween party perfect. In case you can’t find the time, here’s a craft that you can whip up easily. It would make a nice topper to your cake or decoration around your home.

Easy Ghost Cake Toppers

Learn how at The Sweetest Occasion.

If you are thinking of using this as topper, you’ll need clean skewers, cotton balls, and twine. And if you plan to put this around your house to enhance that spooky mood, you can recycle some old materials instead.

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