4th of July Poppers DIY

4th of July is just a few days away. You are probably looking forward to the long weekend already. We are too! We love the festive colors, parade, and fireworks. If you are hosting a BBQ party, make sure your guests, especially the kids, are entertained. You can spend the weekend doing party crafts. Like this fun 4th of July party poppers!

4th of July Poppers DIY

Check out Washi Chick.

This would surely be a hit to the kids. Proof that party poppers can come in cute and fun designs too. You can get as fun as you like with washi tapes. By using balloon as a launcher, this party popper can be used multiple times and we really love this idea.

Happy 4th of July, everyone.

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Father’s Day DIY Card

Father’s Day is coming! Maybe you haven’t had the time to grab a card or you can’t get the one that represents what you really want to tell that special man in your life what you really want to convey. What you can do is make your own. It would be more special once it is received by him.

Father's Day DIY Card

Go to the Postman’s Knock.

You might have a few cardboard paper leftovers from your previous crafts. Hey, you can use some washi tapes too. Be creative and write the most heartfelt message you can for your dad, husband, or friend. Cheers to all the father’s out there.

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Confetti Easter Eggs DIY

A couple more days to go before Easter! Still haven’t prepared your eggs for the Easter egg hunting game? You can still make your eggs pretty and colorful! If you don’t like the mess of dyeing them, there’s always an alternative. Confetti!

Confetti Easter Eggs DIY

Check out Love the Day.

Prepare your pretty confetti and grab that Mod Podge! Add some sparkles using glitter or metallic foil paper. Have fun and have a Happy Easter!

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Colorful Easter Eggs DIY

Hey, we are only a few days away from Easter. Have you decorated your eggs yet? You are busy and don’t have time for it, we know. But you can still make those colorful eggs just in time for your Easter egg hunt without having to stress much about it.

Colorful Easter Eggs DIY

Lean how at Wee Little Penguin.

What you need are eggs and acrylic paint. And just look at how colorful the eggs are. So pretty. It would go well to any Easter activities you are planning. Have a happy Easter.

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