Swirly Test Tube Shots – Halloween Drink

We know that Halloween is still a month away but no one will blame you if you plan ahead. Plus, a great party is all about having the right preparation. You need to make sure that your place is festive with scary decorations. You must not also forget to keep your friends from being hungry with food. And then there are the drinks. You can make it as impactful as you can with the right ingredients.

Swirly Test Tube Shots - Halloween Drink

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It’s all about the presentation, right? For sure these test tube shots will get everyone talking even after your Halloween party. It really looked like it came from one of that scary movie laboratory where something could go wrong anytime. We just love the swirly, green concoction and the smoke effect. This would be a sure hit in your party. Have fun!

Edible Hybrid Luster Dust

Cute and Easy Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

Can’t wait for Halloween? Us too! You can skip the panic and rush shopping by thinking and planning ahead. If you have babies and are looking for ideas to dress them up for the occasion, there are lots of things to consider. Of course you would only want something unique and fun. But the best thing is, it wouldn’t cost you a lot of money. Check this out.

Cute and Easy Baby Halloween Costume Ideas

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Aren’t they cute? They are so easy to make and they are surely better than your store-bought Halloween costume. We totally adore the mouse costume with just felt for the ears. And all you have to do is update your onesies. Have fun!

InCharacter Costumes Baby Girls' Lil' Monster Costume

Pumpkin Wreath Decor DIY

Our Pinterest feed has been taken over by Halloween decoration ideas and it’s not even Halloween yet! Not that we’re complaining. But it has not stopped out crafter blogger friends from being inspired and be excited about the upcoming celebration. One of the things that caught our eyes is this cute wreath idea. A pumpkin decor without the pumpkin. And it’s so crafty we had to share.

Pumpkin Wreath Decor DIY

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It’s nice way to let your guests and neighbors know that you are so ready for Halloween. And no pumpkin required. Just burlap, some wires, some ribbons, wire wreath, and some other supplies.

Morex Ribbon Burlap Wired Ribbon

Last-Minute 4th of July Sparkly Topper

One cannot imagine a 4th of July BBQ party without some stripes and stars. But you don’t have to be excessive. For sure you can think of something fancy to decorate your home and food table without breaking the bank. Look for a 4th of July crafting project that won’t take a lot of time to make as well. You have a lot of preparing to do so you don’t have to stress yourself over some small details. Take a look at this last-minute 4th of July topper for your cake or pies.

Last-Minute 4th of July Sparkly Topper

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Star punch makes the cutting easier. Patriotic glitter paper will give you that sparkle effect that is so festive. And don’t forget the Pocky. Have fun and happy 4th of July!

EK Tools 54-31010 Star Punch