Palm Tree Easter Eggs DIY

How’s your spring so far? Maybe you’re not feeling it yet where you are because there are still some snow and it’s still a bit cold. This kind of season just makes you long for beach, sun, and palm trees. You can definitely take that ambiance into your home. And now that it’s Easter, you can make it crafty project.

Palm Tree Easter Eggs DIY

Certainly sure like a lot of fun decorating and Easter eggs life this. Ask the children to help you out. This will give them something else to do too rather than watch TV or use their gadgets. The cardstock leaves do look pretty. It’s a fun way to get summer and Easter to your home. Have fun crafting!

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Easy Easter Eggs Decorating Idea

It’s Easter and you know what that means? Eggs, eggs, eggs hidden and then everywhere. It’s always such a fun tradition watching the kids, and those kids at heart, searching every corner to look for their eggs. It’s also even more fun to just decorating the eggs. But you don’t have to spend a lot of time, effort and money to achieve the colorful eggs. Here’s an easy idea on how to decorate your Easter eggs.

Easy Easter Eggs Decorating Idea

Whether you are using real or plastic eggs, painting them is so easy. Finish them up with chalks and have fun designing them. Happy Easter everyone and have fun crafting!

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Cute Honeycomb Heart Cake Toppers DIY

A couple of weeks to go before Valentine’s Day buy you can already feel it in the air with all the decorations in the mall. You can never go wrong by planning ahead. If you are planning something romantic for your special someone this Valentine’s Day, make sure you make a lovely impression by indulging their eyes first. If you are thinking of giving a cake, go for it. Decorate it with a nice topper for a sweeter effect. Check out this DIY cake topper.

Cute Honeycomb Heart Cake Toppers DIY

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This honeycomb heart cake topper is just gorgeous. You can easily buy honeycomb hearts from your local craft store or online. Then you just need hot glue and skewers, which you probably already have. Make it a romantic Valentine’s Day and have fun crafting!

Set of 3 Honeycomb Tissue Paper Valentine's Heart Decorations

DIY New Years Resolution List – Free Printable

Ready for the new year ahead? New years always mean renewal and new opportunity. Leave all the bad and old things behind and look forward to something new. Make it an exciting year and invite all the positive vibes to your life by making a new year’s resolutions list. Do it with glam and style with this inexpensive and easy-to-make DIYer.

Free New Years Resolution Printable

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What would be a better way to follow your resolutions than to write them down? This way, you are always reminded of the things that you need to do. This blog site has a cute printable card that you can print for free. You can decorate it a little if you want to with glitters or ribbons. Make them magnetic so you can put it on your refrigerator door. I’ll nice to share it with your friends as well. Have fun crafting!

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