Mouthwatering Turkey Burgers Recipe

Still thinking about what to serve your man, father, or brother this Sunday? Nothing beats a good ol’ burger. But not those fast food kind. Capture their heart and fill their bellies with homemade burgers.

Mouthwatering Turkey Burgers Recipe

Get this yummy recipe at Crockpot Gourmet.

Learn more about barbecue recipes with this book and make Father’s Day weekend more special.

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Easy Garland Cake Topper

Decorate your cake with a DIY topper. You can make a simple cake and turn into eye-catching piece on your table. A garland topper that you yourself made would look perfect in any kind of occasion.

Easy Garland Cake Topper

Learn how at Tell Love Chocolate.

It looks great with just colored papers, doesn’t it? You can make it even more special when you bake your own cake. Read more with this book or learn thru a class online.

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Homemade Confetti Sprinkles for Your Mother’s Day Cake

With Mother’s Day arriving this weekend, you might already have come up with an idea of what to give. If you are still not sure what to do, you can always grab your mom’s favorite cake and shower them with sprinkles. If you don’t have the time to do the cake, just the sprinkles then… some colorful and adorable sprinkles that would surely put a smile on your mom’s face.

Homemade Confetti Sprinkles for Your Mother's Day Cake
Full details at Sprinkle Bakes.

We know that those store-bought sprinkles can be a little expensive. This Knoxx homemade version is too easy and pretty. Advance Happy Mother’s Day to all the supermoms out there.

Wilton 710-0018 Sprinkle Set Food Decorative, Pastel Blue

Last-minute Grocery Store Cake Makeover

You are celebrating someone’s birthday or you have any cause to celebrate but you are too busy with work that you no longer have the time for anything else. So what do you do? Do some last-minute cake purchase. You can’t go with a nice cake. The problem with store-bought items though is that they lack individuality. But no worries. You can always do a quick makeover to make your cake prettier.

Last-minute Grocery Store Cake Makeover

Learn how at Pennies for a Fortune.

See? With a little creativity, they will never know you bought it from a store. 😉 Next time when you have all the time in the world, you can bake. Get this great cookbook to get an idea and make sure you have every tool you need.

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