Thanksgiving Mini Apple Pies

Thanksgiving is just a few days away and you know what this means. It’s that time of the year again where we pause and just be thankful and grateful for another year. This one of those times that should be celebrated with family members and close friends. If they are coming over to share a nice dinner together, whip up something sweet and amazing, tasty and festive. One of our Thanksgiving favorites, apple pies!

Thanksgiving Mini Apple Pies

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What are you serving this Thanksgiving? make it stress free with this book. Plus, this pies cookbook is just amazing.

Thanksgiving Cookbook

Chrsitmas Hot Chocolate With Floats

Christmas always offers a lot of wonderful and warm memories. Christmas always means family, sweet treats, cozy blanket, and warm cup of chocolate drink near the fireplace. But you don’t have to wait until the Christmas day to enjoy that. You can whip up that special drink at any time and put the recipe on another level.

Chrsitmas Hot Chocolate With Floats

Recipe at An Italian in My Kitchen.

What are your family’s Christmas traditional recipes? Whipped cream always makes it a whole lot better.

Taste of Home Christmas

Halloween Snack – Monster Eyeballs

Halloween is just s couple of weeks away. If you can’t find the time to prepare for your party, there are ways that you can still throw an awesome and Halloween themed party with less effort. Just like this mini monster eyeballs snack that can be put together easily.

Halloween Snack - Monster Eyeballs

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You don’t have to make it all from scratch. You can easily buy the donuts, gummy rings, and M&Ms and assemble them easily. Have a fun Halloween!

Peach Gummi Gummy Rings Candy

Candy-filled Halloween Treat

Who can resist a yummy Halloween treat! You can make them for the trick-or-treaters or for your table. Surprise your guests with candy filled cookies. Candy-filled Halloween Treat

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It would be a fun treat to make. What treats are you planning to give for Halloween? Be sure you have prepared many. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of their tricks. Happy Halloween! Hershey's Halloween Snack Size Assortment