Homemade Nutella From Scratch Recipe

Delicious! Homemade raw nutella from scratch

Because, Nutella! Hello? This recipe uses raw hazelnuts and a food processor like a heavy duty Cuisenart in order to blend the nuts sufficiently to make a nut butter. Hazelnut and chocolate…is there anything not to love?

See the full recipe at Modern Wifestyle.

Swedish Meatball Recipe for Party Appetizers

Swedish Meatballs Recipe - perfect finger food or party snack!

These Swedish meatballs are gorgeous and look so yummy. My kids love meatballs and they are a special treat at our house. They’d love these I think because of the mix of pork and beef which give them a lot of flavor.

See the recipe at Chez Us.com.

Italian Spiced Hot Chocolate Drink Recipe

Italian Hot Chocolate Drink Recipe

This is not your pouch of powdered hot chocolate mix. Her husband is right though, don’t you think? The pre-mixed stuff is not where near as good as the regular stuff. This is a real chocolate drink with cool meringue candy kiss topper I cannot wait to try.

See the recipe at Vikalinka (translate) .

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Popcorn Party Snacks

Bourbon Chocolate Pecan Popcorn Snack Recipe

Oooohhhh…popcorn is such a delicious snack when you add amazing flavors to it. I love this recipe for bourbon chocolate pecan popcorn and I think it would be perfect for a party finger food. So smart! Perfect for a casual get-together.

Find the recipe at Cupcakes and Kale Chips.