Valentine’s Rabbit Snack for Kids

Valentine's Day Healthy Kids Snack - Hummus Rabbit

Do your kids like to cook with you? Well here is great way to have a little fun by creating this rabbit. They can even get creative on how he holds the heart, that can make for some good laughs trying to decide how he will hold the heart. See it here kiddiefoodies

Valentines Pancakes

Heart Pancakes for Valentine's Day

Here is a great way to put Valentines in your breakfast with some heart-shaped raspberry pancakes. This can also be a fun thing to do with your kids, I know mine always love to help out in the kitchen especially if it is something sweet. See the how to steps here thekitchn.

M&M Red Velvet Cookies

Red Velvet Cookies with M&Ms

Now you can’t go wrong with M&M’s especially when you add them to red velvet. This is a great treat for Valentines Day, see what is all needed to fix these here dinnersdishesanddesserts