Homemade Berries & Yogurt Popsicles

Did you have a good Fourth of July weekend? We are confident you did. We had a great holiday weekend too! The kids had so much fun. (It’s obvious since we haven’t posted anything these past few days.) It’s good to have that summer vacation. Speaking of which, it’s summer! We are expecting more time under the sun so they would definitely want to cool off after an activity. What would be a better way to do that than popsicles? And of course, we will do it homemade style. 😉 We found this mouth-watering recipe.

 Homemade Berries & Yogurt Popsicles

Get the recipe at The Merrythought.

Excited to make your own popsicles for the next two months? Ask the kids to help you out. Let them pour the ingredients in to the popsicle mold for you. It would be fun!

Popsicle Mold

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Homemade Peanut Butter & Banana Popsicle

What better way to cool off on this hot summer weather than with a frozen treat! It’s Popsicle time for you and the kiddos! They’d definitely love it. A frozen treat that they can take with them on the go or while they play. It’s easy to make that you can let them eat as many as they can.

Homemade Peanut Butter & Banana Popsicle

Read the recipe of this Peanut Butter & Banana Popsicle at
My Fussy Eater

If you don’t have a popsicle mold, you can get one here.

Ice Pop Maker

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Easy Patriotic Antipasto for the Fourth of July

Are you looking for an appetizer to serve for your Fourth of July party? You might already be thinking… “Finger foods. That’s perfect!” But you can make it better by serving an appetizer that came in cups. Isn’t it a lovely idea? It’s quite handy too. Your guests can just grab it and carry it while they roam around.

Easy Patriotic Antipasto for Fourth of July

Take a look at this Easy Patriotic Antipasto at:
Joyful Scribblings

Anytime you throw a party, you can make use of these cups to serve not just appetizers, but your desserts as well. Nothing makes preparing a menu easier with some skewers and small party cups.

Plastic Party Cups

Star Spangled Spritzer Cocktail

Do you want to keep it light and easy on the Fourth of July? No fancy party and just spending the day on your backyard alone or maybe with a few of your friends? You can celebrate with this easy-to-make Star Spangled Spritzer cocktail. We just love the color! How festive!

Star Spangled Spritzer Cocktail

Make your own drink with the recipe at:
Celebrating Everyday Life

Mixing your own drink? Get a hold of this shaker set.

Cocktail Martini Shaker Set