Back-to-School Snack – Alphabet Muffin

It’s back-to-school time again and for sure parents would be busy again making sure that the kids got everything they need. This is the time that we won’t be there to look after them and monitor if they’re eating healthy foods or not. So to ensure that they don’t grab one of those empty-calorie snacks, you better make one for them instead.

Back-to-School Snack - Alphabet Muffin

Read how at Willowday.

It’s a healthy alternative, right? They sure will have fun eating them too. If you want to start learning how to bake, you can enroll in an online class, read this book, or get this starter kit. Have fun!

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Brighten Up the Party with Drunken Rainbow Marshmallow Pops

Will you be hosting a party anytime soon? A happy hour party only for the grown-ups? It’s sometimes hard to think of something fun and crazy that would involve some colors, alcohol, food, and dessert. Why not all in one? A drunken rainbow marshmallow pops is such a genius idea. Alright, it’s time to get the party started.

Brighten Up the Party with Drunken Rainbow Marshmallow Pops

Get the recipe and full tutorial at The Decorated Cookie.

The next time you have so friends over, try this one out. All you need are sprinkles, your favorite vodka, and marshmallows. Sounds like total fun, right?

Sugar Crystals Sprinkles

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Chocolate Coffee Popsicle Goodness

Don’t think about summer break ending soon. Think about how much more you can enjoy and make the most of it. Spend some more time outside and do backyard activities. You are most likely to spend some late nights doing project and/or crafting. And you know what would go nicely with your late night shenanigans. Coffee and chocolate. Yum!

Chocolate Coffee Popsicle Goodness

For the recipe, visit A Pumpkin and A Princess.

The yummy goodness of coffee and chocolate is just amazing. Get your ice pop molder, coffee and chocolate caramel creamer, and enjoy.

chocolate caramel creamer

Strawberry + Chocolate Popsicle = Summer Yum!

This summer, we are all about looking for summer refreshments. A recipe that will help us beat the scorching heat of the sun. Don’t get us wrong, we love the sunny weather but sometimes, we just want to cool off. Something fruity, sweet, and with a hint of chocolate. That would be a yummy treat! A delicious popsicle treat!

Strawberry + Chocolate Popsicle = Summer Yum
Full recipe is at Whole & Heavenly Oven.

What’s your way of cooling off this summer? Popsicles, we think, are just the perfect delicacy, don’t’ you think? So grab your popsicle molder now. The kids would surely love it.
ice pop mold

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