Thrift Dress Makeover DIY

We love going through thrift stores. If you only have the patience to look, there are a lot of gems in there. The secret is before going in, you should have an idea of what is it that you want or else, with so many deals, you’ll end up spending more than you first intended.

With your unique finds that look a little bit dated, no worries. With a few ingenious tricks, you can make it look trendy, fashionable, and worth a hundred bucks.

Thrift Dress Makeover DIY

Learn how at Thriftanista in the City.

Learning basic sewing skills can indeed go a long way. You can get this book if you are just a beginner. And make sure you have the kit needed as well. Have fun crafting!

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Baby Beanie Pattern for Beginners

Newborns get everyone excited in the house. Sometimes, even the neighbors, too. For sure there will be a lot of things that you will need to buy for the baby. You might receive a lot of gifts too. But nothing is more special than baby clothing that you made your own. You can start with just baby beanies. They are classic and they never go out of style. It helps keep your baby warm and it’s easy to make. Yes, even when you are just a beginner.

Baby Beanie Pattern for Beginners

Learn how at My Shevon.

This is the perfect and unique gift for any expecting moms. If you are one, you can crochet a bunch of these during your free time. It will give you something to do and it helps you save money as well. This is basic crochet and you can get started even if you are just a newbie. This pattern is easy to follow as long as you have the yarn and hook for the job. Learn more basic crocheting you can do with this book. Have fun crafting!

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Trendy Circle Tote DIY

We love crafts that do not only look good but also functional as well. This applies to accessories you make. It allows you to have something that is unique and, of course, you can proudly show off.

For more spring crafts, this uh-mazing tote bag is to day for. It’s perfect for a nice day out strolling around. And look how fashionable it is! We’d like to have one now.

Trendy Circle Tote DIY

Full details at A Beautiful Mess.

You won’t believe what it is made of. We can’t believe it at first either. Who knew placemats make an trendy tote bag? And you can easily make it with very little sewing skills. You can do so now. Have fun crafting!

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Cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie DIY

If you just had a baby, it’s time to let the little one meet the rest of the family this coming Easter gathering.

Easter is one of those holidays that is better spent with the whole family and close friends. And when you introduce the baby to them, make sure he looks more adorable! Here’s one idea that you can do. Let them wear a bunny onesie complete with a fluffy tail! How cute!

Cute Pompom Bunny Tail Onesie DIY

Instructions at The Crafting Nook.

Who could resist squishing this little bunny’s tail and the little munchkin who’s wearing it? You could make something this, too? It’s easier when you have experience in heat transfer vinyl, but it’s not that hard. And the little tail is of course made out of pompom. You can make one with your hands or use a pompom maker for ease.

Have fun crafting and have a happy Easter, everyone.

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