Fabric Organization Solution – Filing Cabinet Storage

Fabric Storage Organization Filing Solution

This is such a great idea for storing fabric in a way that is out-of-the-way, but still readily accessible as well as visible. When you are looking for the right fabric for a quilting or sewing project, you don’t want to have to dig through your entire stash! This organization method allows you to view your fabric options, organize by color scheme or project, and keep things visible but not in the way. Perfect!

See how the author did it at Thinking Closet.


Ribbon Storage and Organization Tub – Brilliant Idea!

Ribbon Organization On a Budget

This is a brilliant idea for organizing your craft, art or sewing ribbons in a way that is accessible but organized. The ribbon is easily seen so you can choose the color you want and just roll it out through the holes so you can cut off the length that you need. Super inexpensive so that’s a win!

Great idea by Spunky Junky.

Replenish your ribbon supply with this bright value pack – Awesome!