Pretty Nail Polish Necklace Pendant

Crafts using nail polishes are some of the most fun and DIY ideas that you can make. They are inexpensive too as you don’t have to buy new ones for your project. Dig in through your mani and pedi kit and you’ll surely find ones that you seldom use or those that are about to go dry. Before they do and before you think of throwing them away, use them for your next fashion accessory project. Take a look at this pretty necklace pendant.

Pretty Nail Polish Necklace Pendant

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We think that this project is so fabulous and can be done in minutes! It doesn’t cost a lot, too. The next time you are thinking about making your own accessory, use nail polish one of your materials. Have fun crafting!

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Easy-Sew Beach Dress DIY

Swimwear is a must for your summer getaway plans. So are summer hats, glasses, and sun blocks. When you are ready to hit the beach, cover-up dresses are a way to make an impression and walk to the beach in style. Plus, they are comfortable and easy clothing to wear when you feel like hiding some skin first before diving in into the water. If you find yourself hesitating about buying from the store because, let’s all agree, they are on the expensive side, you can always make your own.

Easy-Sew Beach Dress DIY

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You are missing a lot if you won’t give this beach dress a try. Look for a nice Rayon fabric, drawstring cord, and your good ol’ sewing machine. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily make this project. Have fun crafting!

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Easy Beach Cover-Up DIY

Do you see any summer vacation away from the suburbs anytime soon? It’s officially the summer season and there’s no reason for you not to make the most out of it. It’s time to strut your stuff whether you are by the pool or at the beach. Now that you’ve found the perfect swim wear, let’s talk about cover up to make your entrance more dramatic, or if you are just more comfortable with wearing one. Rather than buying one, which always gets in the way of budget, make your own! Just like we always do.

Easy Beach Cover-Up DIY

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You wouldn’t believe how easy this is. You will save a lot of money and you can make your own design that you like and actually fits you. Find the fabric that you like and go to your good ol’ sewing machine. Want to learn more sewing projects for beginners? We recommend this book.

Have fun crafting and enjoy your summer!

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Easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch DIY

Looking for a clutch design that is perfect for summer? Look beyond those branded and overpriced pieces. You can achieve your summer look by designing your own. Plus you’d be more happy and proud when you know it is your own creation. You would be proud when you wear them to the office, when you go to the mall or a date with your girl friends.

Easy Pom Pom Palm Clutch DIY

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Isn’t it lovely? The pompoms fringe are just an amazing detail. This is just easy to do with very little sewing skill. Who needs mall-bought clutches when you can do one better? And it’s really affordable too.

When you are looking to enhance your skills, take a look at this book.

Have fun crafting!

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