Homemade Manicure Ombre Variation – Gradient Colors

Gradient Manicure Design - Ombre Variation

Such a cute DIY manicure design that riffs off the ombre trend. Color gradients are easy enough to do at home without a complete mess and look super cute! Pin this one for that time you need extra nail art inspiration.

See the how to at The Beauty Department.

Homemade Scarf Doubles as a Breastfeeding Cover

Homemade Infinity Scarf Doubles as a Breastfeeding Cover

Who doesn’t love a good infinity scarf? Light weight, easy to wear with anything and they dress up or down in a variety of colors….smart. Even smarter? This DIY scarf that doubles as a nursing cover for discreet breastfeeding. No more bibs, blankets, or awkward moments with the baby. Brilliant!

See the step-by-step tutorial on Babble.com

Homemade Hair Comb With Rose Decorations – Simple and Colorful Craft

Homemade hair comb with simple rose decorations

Want to dress up your hair without a huge expense or hassle? Me too! I love this tutorial which shows in detail how to turn a simple hair comb from plain to oh-so-cute. Don’t those “roses” look adorable? I thought it would be hard to make them but the tutorial has great photos and directions explaining how to put the pieces together.

See the directions at the Learning Center.

Closet makeover for maximizing small spaces

Maximize small spaces with this closet makeover. Love this!

Everyone can relate to the fact that there is never enough room in your closet, or so you think. Here is a great way to maximize the space in your closet.

See how she did it here confessionsofaserialdiyer