DYI Lace TOMS Summer Shoes

TOMS are comfortable shoes. And it would be nice if you can pair it with a nice summer dress or any kind of dress in particular. You can make your Toms look more girly so you can wear it on a nice summer day or when you are attending a casual garden or beach wedding.

DYI Lace TOMS Summer Shoes

Read the full tutorial at One O Textile.

With the right kind of lace, you can make any of your shoes more fashionable. Get your own pair of TOMS and turn them into lovely ones and be comfortable while having a good time under the sun.

TOMS Shoes

Messy Hair Don’t Care Statement Shirt

#messyhairdontcare. It is one of the most common hashtags used on Instagram. It is also becoming popular as a fashion statement. But instead of spending money on it, you can just make one. Turn your old, plain shirt into a fashion statement and you can have your own reason to use this hashtag on your IG account.

Messy Hair Don’t Care Statement Shirt

Learn how to make this cute design at Lil’ Mrs. Tori.

If you’re looking for a reason to use #messyhairdontcare hashtag, why not this? All you need it a plain shirt and vinyl, and you’re ready to make a statement along with your photos on your social networking accounts. If you don’t have a hook, you can get one right here.

Silhouette Hook





Accessorize with DIY Beaded Rope Necklace

One can never have too many accessories. If you are looking for something new and unique to wear this weekend, why not make your own? Accessorize with a beaded rope necklace to go with your outfit. Go out and celebrate Mother’s Day with your own creation.

Accessorize with DIY Beaded Rope Necklace

See how to make your own at Gina | Michele.

Do you want to start making your own accessories? This book can give you an idea on how to get started. Or, you can get this jewelry starter kit that has all that tools that you need to help you create gorgeous jewelries and accessories of your own design.

Jewelry Starter Kit

Coconut Oil and Sea Salt Face Cleansing Scrub

Coconut oil and sea salt cleansing face scrub

I love making my own homemade facial scrubs and beauty products. It’s usually much cheaper, with much more indulgent ingredients, than you can get in the store. This recipe uses pink sea salt which adds a lovely color without any artificial additives. Love that!

See the recipe at Lia Griffith.

coconut oil organic

You can get coconut oil from Amazon – I like the Wilderness Family Naturals brand of expeller-pressed, organic oil which I buy in this bulk size.