DIY Baby Barefoot Gladiator Sandals

When you’re taking the baby outside for a walk on this hot summer weather, you know that they are quite uncomfortable with the heat as well. So what we parents do is to give them something fresh and light to wear. But of course, we don’t want to leave “fashion” behind. So rather than letting them put on shoes that covered their feet, make them barefoot sandals instead. They’re really cute and it shows off those little toes as well.

DIY Baby Barefoot Gladiator Sandals

Learn how to make it at Whistle & Ivy.

Are you a beginner when it comes to crocheting? Read this book or enroll in an online class to learn more.

Online Crochet Class

Easy-to-Make Barefoot Sandals

Do you love walking on the beaches as much as we do? Feeling the sand on our feet? You can make these strolls more interesting with barefoot sandals. You can have as much fun making it as wearing them. Get your kids to help you out and let them design their own.

Easy-to-Make Barefoot Sandals

Find out how at Positively Splendid.

With our assorted craft beads, we have created a lot of cute and colorful pieces. If you want to get serious and improve your beading skills, you can enroll in a class or read this book.


Online Jewelry Making Classes

DIY Marbled Clay Earrings

We are loving accessory crafts lately. It must be the summer season fever because you can get so much fun making it and you can get as creative as you like. You can play with bright colors as much as you want and that’s why we are crafting as many as we want! So play and mold with these marbles clay earrings and be as fashionable as you can be.

DIY Marbles Clay Earrings

Learn how at One Artsy Mama.

Do you also love having fun with making your own marbled clay earrings? If you need materials, you can get your clay here and mold here. New to crafting? Get this book to help you get started. Enjoy crafting.

Clay Charms Book






Upcycled Cork Earrings

Cork earrings? Why not? We have some wine corks around here and besides, we always love to try something new and fun! It also makes us feel better knowing that somehow, we are minimizing waste. These cork earrings are so light and is a perfect material to make a unique fashion accessory.

Upcycled Cork Earrings

Full tutorial is at Saved by Love Creations.

So before you throw something out, just like your wine cork, think about it first maybe you can upcycle it using acrylic paint, screw, stamps, clips, and other materials you can easy find in your own home.

Alphabet Stamp Set